TWENTY-FOUR members attended the May meeting at Bishopswood village hall on May 9. The meeting opened as usual with Jerusalem. This was followed by the business meeting. It was explained that as this meeting was to discuss the WI resolutions, there was to be no speaker, but members would have their annual quiz. President Ann Jones told us of events that were coming up. Cicely Symonds then read out the resolution which was that the WI were to encourage everyone to carry a donor card and to support organ donation as 3000 people die every year for want of organ donation. She also explained that Alison Kinder, one of the group's members, was a recipient of a new kidney and had given a very good talk and insight into the problems faced by a person with a failing kidney. Members then voted on the resolution which was carried unanimously with two abstentions.

The minutes were confirmed as correct and signed. It was noted therein what a wonderful talk members had last month by speaker David Emerson on ‘A life in professional theatre’. Many people wanted to know if he had a sequel to the talk.

Tea was served and then members settled down in teams of four for the quiz. This was devised by Julia Brain and her husband Malcolm. There followed an extremely good quiz which was challenging without being obscure. There was much rivalry and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. It was won by The Laughing Cavaliers, second were The Kernels. Thanks go to the Brains.

The next meeting is on June 13 at 6.30pm. This will be an open meeting and all visitors are asked to attend at 7pm. Cost for visitors will be £2. The subject is Hospice Angels, tales of fund raising on motorbikes! It promises to be a very interesting talk and the charity is St Michael's Hospice. All friends, partners are welcome - the more the merrier!