THE RSPCA Herefordshire branch held a welfare advice session recently at the start of national Rabbit Awareness Week. The event, in conjunction with the Hereford branch of Pets at Home, was an opportunity to talk to customers about the care of pet rabbits.

Local RSPCA administrator Val Carr said "We were very pleased to be invited to run the event at Pets at Home. We answered lots of questions about rabbit care and were able to give details of the rabbits we have that are looking for homes. We even helped one owner to choose harnesses to enable her daughters to walk their rabbits around the garden. Our main concerns for pet rabbits are the size of hutches, diet and, above all, the need for rabbits to be kept as neutered pairs. A single rabbit stuck at the bottom of the garden in a small hutch represents one of the most neglected pets. We met lots of people during the event, including local LibDem candidate Lucy Hurds."

Several local vets offer free health checks for rabbits during Rabbit Awareness Week. Details at

RSPCA Herefordshire can be contacted on 0845 2002962 and