A BRAVE young boy who underwent seven hours of surgery to remove a brain tumour does not have cancer, his parents have revealed.

The Hereford Times this week reported on the story of Bill Symonds - a 19-month-old boy who has captured the hearts of many people in Hereford.

His parents Lee and Kate first realised Bill had a problem with motor skills last autumn.

Various tests and x-rays culminated in an MRI scan at Birmingham Children's Hospital showing the tumour.

With worlds turned upside down, neurosurgeons warned the Hereford family that, due to the location of the tumour, Bill would be very different to the little boy they knew before last Wednesday's operation.

But, the delighted parents have this morning revealed that the tumour is benign and Bill does not have cancer.

"We're due to have a meeting with the oncologist later to go through everything, but this hopefully means no chemotherapy and, after sorting out a few mechanical issues with the fluid in his head, we should be home and getting him back on his feet sooner rather than later - amazing news for our little battler Bill," said Kate on her Facebook page.

Lee, a nightclub manager in Hereford, and Kate, a hotel manager, are both self-employed and unable to claim sick or holiday pay while they support their son in Birmingham.

They were given a room in the Ronald McDonald House, a charity hotel where they can stay for free while Bill is treated in Birmingham.

Many people touched by their story decided to raise funds for both Bull and the Ronald McDonald House.

For more information about the various events and how to make a donation, click on the Bill's bills Facebook page here or visit biggie.ereal.net/bill/