THE first group to explore a section of a Herefordshire village says it is pleased with the findings.

Several members of Dinedor Heritage Group received permission from English Heritage to perform an archaeological dig at Garrison Meadow at the end of last month.

Completing the dig with the help of Christopher Atkinson, community archaeologist for Herefordshire Council, the team uncovered an old trackway dating back to the 1800s, as well as the remains of an even older medieval trackway.

Also uncovered was medieval pottery and the foundations of a building.

However, group spokesman Chris Over said it is what they didn’t find that was most telling.

He said: “The area is called Garrison Meadow, so we expected to find old artillery shells or the remains of a Civil War encampment, but we didn’t.

“This means our next task is to find out why it is called Garrison Meadow.”

The team were the first to dig at the site that was untouched by farming machinery.

Chris added: “Although we didn’t find too much, the dig answered a lot of questions about the site and it was very exciting to be able to dig on the previously undisturbed land.”