A SINGER has used his vocal skills to thank those who cared for him, his wife and his daughter through their own individual battles with cancer.

Gwyn James, of Hereford, started singing aged five and has performed at the Royal Albert Hall and in the TV series Music and Macaroni.

Now the former biology teacher at the Hereford Academy has recorded a 17-track CD of English and Welsh songs to raise money for Hereford County Hospital’s Macmillan Renton Unit as a way of thanking staff for the support given to his family.

The family’s fight against the disease first began 15 years ago when his wife Gwyneth was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Gwyn himself was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum five years ago, and the couple have since been given the all clear.

Now, they are supporting their daughter Sian Alderton through her treatment for breast cancer after she was diagnosed earlier this year.

Gwyn, 73, said: “You just stay positive through it all, that’s the best thing you can do.

“All the staff at the Macmillan Renton Unit (formerly the Charles Renton Unit) have been absolutely outstanding.

“They always say how well you look even though you feel terrible, which helps, and it was a very homely place.

“It makes all the difference and we just want to say thank you.”

About £700 has been raised so far and the CDs are available to buy for a donation from the unit itself or by calling Gwyn on 01432 273790.