MORE evidence of Herefordshire’s rich history has been uncovered after treasure was found below ground.

A medieval silver annular brooch, a silver strap end and two early Bronze Age flat axes were all discovered in the county by metal detecting enthusiasts.

Hereford’s deputy coroner Roland Wooderson last week declared all the items were at least 300 years old and contained at least 10 per cent of either gold or silver – therefore making them treasure.

The brooch, which would have been a popular dress accessory around the 13th or 14th century, was found in Eardisley in February 2011.

The Bronze Age axes – one of which is near complete – were found in Hereford in 2010. They are thought to date back to between 2,000BC and 1,900BC.

Both the axes and the brooch were found by Steve Williams.

Allan Mills, meanwhile, was the man who found the medieval silver strap end in Canon Pyon.

He admitted he “had no idea” what he had dug up but it turns out that the historic piece would have been attached to the end of a belt worn between the 13th and mid-15th centuries.