Herefordshire Art Week features 250 artists meaning that it's a challenge for those exhibiting to visit other venues, but one enterprising individual has found a way round that for next year.

"Chatting with an organiser of one of the venues where my partner Angel is exhibiting," says Will Hopkins, "it struck me how difficult it is for artists to visit other artists and venues when they have their own to manage."

To kick-start a change of career, from software development into video production, Will is setting himself the challenge of visiting every venue, recording something from each artist and venue and creating a piece to capture and celebrate the essence of h.Art;

He will be visiting 10-12 venues a day, travelling the planned 667 miles on his video gear adapted motorbike;

"With between 20-45 mins for each venue, depending on the day's route, I will have to work extremely quickly and efficiently to unload whatever camera gear I will be using, take my shots and reload before riding on to the next venue."

Will is also hoping to raise some money for The Clock Tower Fund, which supports individuals and families of injured or fallen members of the local Herefordshire Regiment which he describes as "a sort of Help For (Local) Heroes, giving something back to those of whom we ask so much and whose world leading capabilities we often simply take for granted". Donations can be made at