RENOWNED gypsy jazz guitarist Remi Harris will be performing at Bodhemam Village Hall tomorrow evening.

Self-taught Remi is today regarded as one of the best in his field and this year has seen him impress crowds at busy jazz festivals across the UK, performing at prestigious venues including The Royal Albert Hall, alongside boutique evenings in rural venues, such as his recent homecoming gig in Bromyard which he played to a completely full house.

"We love to play shows local to us," says Remi. "There’s something very intimate about smaller venues like these village halls, the audience are so close and the acoustics really work with the music we play to create this amazing atmosphere. We’re really looking forward to it.’

Remi’s unique style blends traditional gypsy jazz and swing elements with blues, bebop, rock, world music, popular melodies and contemporary jazz., and his debut album, Ninick, received overwhelmingly good reviews from critics and jazz-lovers alike.

The Remi Harris Gypsy Jazz Project is aat Bodenham Village Hall tomorrow at 8pm. To book, call 07814 986868, or email