On Sunday, May 21 at 3pm at the Lion Ballroom, Leominster the internationally acclaimed harpsichordist, organist and musicologist David Ponsford will play a programme of Baroque music to mark the 400th anniversary of the birth, and the 350th anniversary of the death, of Johann Jacob Froberger, the most widely travelled and influential keyboard composer in the 17th century.

As Imperial Organist in Vienna, Froberger's travels included visits to Italy, France, England and Belgium as well as to many German states. David will introduce and play Froberger's toccatas, Lamentations and suites of dances as well as works by composers whom Froberger both met and subsequently influenced, including Frescobaldi, Louis Couperin, Buxtehude and J S Bach. This recital will not only celebrate the beauty of this music but will also give expert insight into the historical context. Tickets £12 (£6 students) from the TIC, 1 Corn Square, Leominster or call 01568 616460.