THIS year the Trumpet and District Agricultural Society celebrate their 70th year, and to mark the occasion held a summer lunch attended by over 100 guests at Tarrington village hall on August 10.

In other news for the society, the crop growing results for 2014 were recently announced.

Growing Crop Results 2014

Class One: Wheat 1st D Garlick, 2nd T Blandford, 3rd J Blandford

Class Two: Barley 1st D Garlick, 2nd J Blandford, 3rd J Hawkins.

Class Three: Oats1st M Samuel, 2nd D Garlick, 3rd Bradstock Partners.

Class Four: Beans 1st T Blandford, 2nd K Blandford, 3rd J Blandford.

Class Five: Rape 1st D Garlick, 2nd Skittery Brothers, 3rd JS and CP Hawkins Thinghall.

Class six: Leys 1st J Hawkins, 2nd K Lawerence, 3rd T Blandford.

Winner Bentham Cup: D Garlick

Ley Cup: J Hawkins

Stewards: Messrs M Williams, P Cowdrey, G Watkins and J Probert.

The society would like to thank Stoke Bliss Ploughing Society for judging the crops and a special thanks to all those who entered.