THE headteacher of Pencombe Primary School is retiring this month after nearly 23 years in charge.

Chloe Evans has seen the school being named as one of the best performing primary schools in Herefordshire.

The Hereford Times reported in January that all of the pupils achieved the expected level for 11-year-olds in reading, maths and writing.

The 100 per cent mark placed the school among the top 159 schools in the country to gain the perfect record.

The school, which has 53 pupils, also ranked in the top one per cent of league tables nationally according to the Daily Telegraph's tables.

“Pencombe School has been my life," said Ms Evans.

"My son attended here and I have made many valued friendships.

"It is a huge delight for me to now meet up with so many young people whose education started and flourished at Pencombe School”.

Ms Evans has been teaching for more than 34 years and joined Pencombe from Wellington Primary School.

When she arrived at Pencombe, there were only 27 children, outdoor toilets and limited accommodation.

But, it has since flourished and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012.

Mark Foster, the school’s chairman of governors, said: “Chloe Evans has made a magnificent contribution to the education of young people in Pencombe – her enthusiasm, dedication, good humour and her love of teaching will be so much missed by governors, parents and particularly our children”.

Ms Evans is now looking to broaden her work in education and may undertake advisory work.

She will also continue with her love of theatre and the arts.