KINGTON and District Operatic Society (KADOS) is busy preparing for the next Gilbert and Sullivan production, The Gondoliers, due to be performed in October at Lady Hawkins Community Centre.

The plot takes place in Venice and is as intricately woven as a spider's web. It involves two handsome brothers, Venetian gondoliers, much admired by the ladies.

The story goes that years ago the infant prince and heir to the throne was abducted by The Grand Inquisitor and raised, incognito, by a humble gondolier, who also had a son of his own.

Unfortunately, the gondolier died without telling anyone which of the two boys was heir to the throne. With the usual Gilbert and Sullivan humour and cat's cradle of twists and turns, everything eventually turns out well and everyone is happy ever after. A thoroughly enjoyable show of catchy songs and clever humour, The Gondoliers will no doubt prove to be a success with Kington audiences.